Incident At Giant Taman Suria, Johor

Dear Valued Customers
You may have come across a recent viral post pertaining to an incident that took place at our Giant store in Johore on 31st Dec 2017 
We wish to clarify on the allegation that Giant staff had placed chicken parts on the floor to be wrapped for sale at the outlet, that lead to concerns over our cleanliness and safety standards. 
What had actually happened was our supplier was transporting fresh chicken to the outlet as part of our continuous focus on keeping only the freshest produce available for sale. During the delivery, two trolleys collided which resulted in some of the meat spilling to the floor. As our employees and the supplier’s delivery team were collecting the meat meant for disposal, a picture of the incident was taken by a passing member of the public who was visiting the outlet with Persatuan Penggerak Pengguna Johor who misunderstood the situation.
We regret any distress to our customers caused by this misunderstanding and assure everyone that Giant practices the highest standards of cleanliness and care in dealing with fresh produce and meat at our outlets. All of the meat that was involved in the incident was discarded immediately and not sold or used in any way.
Management of Giant Malaysia