Sunny Meadow is a range of great tasting, buttery margarines that spread straight from the fridge.

At Sunny Meadow we believe in nurturing family health with good simple food direct from nature. Our range of margarines brings you all the goodness of blending natural plant seed oils for a flavoursome, tasty spread, without the oiliness of the butter.

With 0mg Cholesterol and Vitamin E along with the benefits of Omega 3 and 6 oils, the Sunny Meadow range is your best partner for a healthier lifestyle for all the family. Rset assured, each of our spreads has lower saturated fat - you can enjoy all the goodness, without worrying about the additional calories.

And as part of this commitment to your family's healthy, delicious daily diet, we have the right choice for everyone - from our core Sunflower and Canola oil range to Olive oil variants for the more discerning.

As rich and delicious as butter, our Sunny Meadow range is bursting with goodness that the whole family can enjoy.

SUNNY MEADOW. 0mg Cholesterol, 100% Goodness!


Spread with

Canola Oil

Spread with

Sunflower Oil

Spread with

Olive Oil

Reduced Fat &

Salt Spread


0mg Cholesterol, 100% Goodness