Baking Cakes Problems, Solved!

The cake you’ve baked doesn’t turn out the way it’s supposed to? Baking a cake can be pretty easy, but if you aren’t careful, things can quickly go awry. Follow these steps to solve your cake baking problems:

  1. If the cake falls or comes out uneven – Overbaking may be the culprit. Follow baking temperature and time instructions (set a timer instead of watching the clock). If that doesn’t help, check your oven’s temperature gauge by placing an oven thermometer on the rack during preheating.
  2. Your frosting looks unprofessional – Apply a thin layer of icing to “seal in” the crumbs, then chill the cake for half an hour. This primer coat makes adding a second layer of frosting painless.
  3. The cake gets stuck in the pan – A well-greased (and floured, if directed) pan should release easily, but to be doubly sure , line the pan bottom with wax paper, cut to fit.