How to Look Cool in Humid Weather

When the sun sizzles, keep your makeup intact with these steps!

Easy on your eye colour

Heat makes blood rise to your cheeks, so you don’t need to add much colour to your skin. If you want a hint of colour, use a tint, or liquid blush that won’t run or smear.

Go matte

Matte makeup stays on better than creamy or glossy makeup, and since it is formulated without mineral oil or petrolatum, it won’t crease either.

Lip Trick

Dab lips with blotting paper after applying lipstick or pencil. Unlike a tissue, it’s designed to absorb oil, leaving behind only a stain of pigment.

Easy on the scents

Subtly scent your hair, instead: Spray perfume onto any soft elastic. Slide it into your ponytail before getting ready in the morning. Remove it and finger-tousle your hair as you’re walking out the door.