Coconut Candy

No oven? No problem. Try this no-bake candy recipe today!
4 Pax
COOK TIME                      
20 Minutes


3 cupsFreshly grated coconut
1 cupDesiccated coconut
3 cupsSugar
¾ cupEvaporated milk
1 tbspButter
½ tbspSalat
1 tbspVanilla essence 


1Place all ingredients except desiccated coconut in a pan. Stir well and cook over very slow fire until the sugar is dissolved and mixture is boiling.
2Stir constantly with long wooden spoon to prevent from burning.
3Once the mixture is thicker, use a smaller flame.
4Cook until lumps are formed, and sides are crystallised around the mouth of the pan.
5Stir well and add butter.
6When mixture is slightly cooled, spread out using a wooden spoon.
7Place onto palm to make rounded balls. Then, roll onto desiccated coconut for the outer layer.
You can also add in food colouring and flavouring of your choice!

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