No Bake Dinosaur Milo Cheesecake

What do dinosaurs call lunch? Tea Rex! You know what’s cheesier and less prehistoric than that joke? The No Bake Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake of course!
1 Pax
PREP TIME                       
1 Hour


10 piecesDigestives biscuits (base)
100gMelted butter (base)
3 TspGelatine
1 1/2 TbspBoiling water
500gCream cheese
2/3 CupCastor Sugar
2 TspVanilla extract
300mlCream (whipped)
1 CupPowdered Milo


1Base: Crush the digestives biscuits until its crumbly. Mix the crushed digestives biscuits with melted butter until well combined.
2Put one layer of the mixed biscuit batter at the bottom of a spring-form cake pan and refrigerate it while preparing the cheesecake batter.
3Milo cheesecake: Beat cream cheese and castor sugar until fluffy.
4Add on the vanilla extract and mix well.
5Boil the gelatine until it dissolves and the mixture is not clumpy, separate in a saucepan.
6Mix in the gelatine mixture in the cream cheese batter and mix until well combined.
7Whip the cream until stiff peaks and mix it in the cream cheese batter with hand until its combined (do not overmix).
8Mix in the powdered Milo and mix well.
9Pour in the cream cheese batter on the chilled digestives biscuit layer and freeze it overnight.
10Garnish the cake with powdered Milo or Milo nuggets.
Remember to mix the powdered Milo well with the batter.

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