Overnight French Toast with Berries

3-4 Pax
COOK TIME                      
10 Minutes
PREP TIME                       
45 Minutes


600mlDutch Lady Full Cream Milk
5 pcsEggs
2 tpsSugar
75 gButter
18 slicesBread
150 gBerries
1 pcsLemon zest
half teaspoonVanilla Essence
2 tpsBrown Sugar


1Mix & combine well Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk, eggs, sugar, lemon zest & vanilla essence to form milk filling.
2Apply butter onto bread & arrange half of the bread into a baking tray.
3Pour in the milk filling to cover 80% of the bread & scatter some berries on it.
4Arrange rest of the bread in the second layer of the tray & pour the remaining milk filling onto it.
5Sprinkle some brown sugar on top of it.
6Bake at 180℃ for 30-35 minutes. Let cool and ready to serve.

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